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Rest In Peace, Global Domination!

Finally we're dead!

Mid-June, 2014, we announced that Global Domination would be dead come July 1st, 2014. That has now happened. We’re dead, and we’re fucken happy about it too. Why? Becoz none of us no longer give a shit about this site. And before we went even further down in quality I decided to let GD go fuck itself. No more worthless albums and demos to review, no more lovemails and so on and so forth. It feels ace!

Thank you for all these years, muthafuckers. It’s been fun. And boring. And we have been exposed to so many shit bands it’s not even sane. Finally we don’t have to deal with that anymore.

ATTENTION! Do NOT send us your CD’s and demos from now on, they will not be reviewed. They will be tossed out the fucken window, at best. If you sent us stuff the last week and it’s not on the site, well… it won’t be on the site either. Live with it.

Oh, you know what? Some of the staffers are making sure that everything we have written over here during these 10 years will be transferred to a new page entitled Global Domination Is Dead. And if you wanna take part in the new forums, hosted by the very same staffers, you go to this place. Last off, their Facebook page. And yes, they have our best wishes and everything for doing this, keeping the amazing reviews and interviews alive even though the “real” GD is dead. We salute them for preserving the legacy. The Internetz deserve our writings.

I wanna thank each and every asshole who’s been a part of GD for a decade, both staffers and forumers. You made this quite an enjoyable ride and you kept GD alive longer than I ever thought possible. I applaud you all and wish you the best. That, and/or gonorrhea.


/ The Lord


Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets etc)

“- I expected you to come up with a lot of controversial shit, but as mentioned before, that’s a fucken challenge I’m ready to take on. This is going to be just me, the way I am. Besides, some inties are just worth doing and great fun.”



Misery Index: The killing gods

Misery Index definitely had hit their stride with “Heirs to Thievery”, as their first record, “Discordia”, was nondescript, and it appears that two records of solid metal is all that we are going to get for the moment – Adam Jarvis is by far the biggest selling point to this band.


Casualties Of Cool: Casualties of cool

This is described as eerie Johnny Cash music, according to Devin the sincerest and happiest he’s been on record in a while; having known to be so invested in his albums that his life has been derailed as a result and such words should not be taken lightly.


Class 6(66)

Cryptopsy: None so vile

Cryptopsy’s “None So Vile” has been heralded as the peak of brutal death metal. Some people go so far as to call it the finest death metal album ever released. Well, I’m fond of all Cryptopsy although I haven’t heard “The Unspoken King” and something tells me I wouldn’t want to.



S(crap)s: Satariel / Sectu/ Serpent Venom / Temtris / The Hidden / Unearthly / Zaum

Well, this is the last S(crap)s, and it contains some quality stuff so make sure you check it out. If we had thought of this idea of bunching crap together earlier, maybe we could have delivered more quality reviews, but it’s too late for that now. So long fuckers!


Lvcifyre: Svn eater

It is supposed to set the mood to an otherwise competent album with two or three absolutely exemplary riffs that sadly do not make up for an album that sludges past; any memorability of the Dead Congregation/Borgia-ilk is lost, but even the hypnotic nature of Portal seems lost on “Svn eater”.



Distress Of Ruin: Predators among us

Once in a while I get excited, like during the really heavy slow riff in “Bystander Effect”, but then the next one is so generic McDonald’s called and wanted their burger recipe back.