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Audio autopsy

Welcome to Audio Fucken Autopsy, retards!

01/01/06  ||  Global Domination

This is the section where some of us will write some short (sometimes way too long) sentences about new/pretty new albums and give them a score from 1-10 (we have been clever enough to copy the rating system we use for the regular reviews, just so you know). With some math we will even be able to calculate what album got the best average. And the album with the best average score actually… can you figure this out? No? It wins the Global Domination Penis Trophy for the month it’s featured in! Really! Woo! The number of albums may vary, but that’s none of your fucken business. We choose ourselves what we wanna use in here, but records sent to us from labels naturally may get a spot here first. If we can remember it that is. So, you disagree with how we rated your fave album?

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Audio Autopsy goes up the 1st of each month, no matter what day it is.

Audio autopsies